NYS State Public Service Commission Requesting Comments Proposal to Increase Electric and Natural Gas Delivery and Practices

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The NY State Public Service Commission is requesting that the public give comments regarding NYSEG’s proposal to increase their electric delivery revenue by $274 million (31%increase in base delivery revenue) and a 43.4 million increase in natural gas delivery revenue (19% increase). For details see the attached letter.

To comment by internet or mail:
Go to www.dps.ny.gov click on Search and enter case number 22-G-0318, 22-E-0319 or
22-G-0320 in the Search By Case Number field, then click on “Post Comments”.
Comments may also be mailed to:
Honorable Michelle L. Phillips
Secretary, Public Service Commission
3 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12223-1350
(Filing electronically is encouraged)
All comments will become part of the public record considered by the Commission.

All comments are requested by March 31, 2023.