Historic District Nominations

In 2018 the Austerlitz Historic District and the Spencertown Historic District were added to the National Register of Historic Places, a listing of historically significant sites and districts maintained by the United States Department of the Interior.

This honor was accorded to Austerlitz and Spencertown based on the detailed nomination forms prepared by consulting historian Neil Larson. These two forms are now posted on the Historian's page of the Town's website.

These forms are must reading for anyone seriously interested in the history of these two hamlets and the town. For the Austerlitz district the form details the history and architecture of some 37 "contributing" properties, meaning significant old houses and other buildings. For Spencertown there are some 78 contributing properties profiled. Both forms also contain maps and a history of the Spencers Town proprietorship (1757-72) and the Town of Austerlitz.

Photographs of most of the contributing buildings in each district are contained in separate files also posted on the Historian's page.

As Town Historian I invite and ask you to call to my attention any statements in either form that you believe may be inaccurate; there are bound to be some errors in submissions as large and detailed as these. We can post any significant corrections on the Historian's page. Tom Moreland, Town Historian, Tmoreland [at] Austerlitzny.com