Building Inspector


The Building Department is here to assist you and provide information to insure compliance with all National, State and Local Codes, Rules and Regulations. Our Inspector is certified by the NYS Department of State in Code Enforcement. Our Building Inspector is here to assist contractors, homeowners and design professionals before, during and after their construction or renovation project.

Code Enforcement is responsible for property maintenance and for compliance with the Zoning Regulations.  

Building Permits have been required for all uses in the Town of Austerlitz since 2007 for any new structures, including additions, renovations or alterations that include anything structural or reconfiguration of rooms or spaces. Any electrical work except replacing a receptacle or switch requires a building permit. This includes running any new wire for circuits, feeders & new subpanels, new services, and standby generators. All electrical work must be inspected by a third party electrical inspector before a final inspection can be scheduled with the town to close out a permit. Plumbing work requires a permit, except replacing fixtures. Any work that involves changing or replacing plumbing pipes/venting requires a permit. Any Use other than a One or Two-Family Dwelling, including Non-Profit Use or Agricultural Use, even if there is no construction, may require Board approval and MUST be submitted to the Building Department. 

All sheds/accessory structures placed or built onsite must have a permit unless they are under 144sqft, with and without permanent footings. 

Roofing including re-roofing requires a permit to ensure roof framing integrity and installation of the required ice and water barrier. This is a NY state requirement. 

NYS requires permits for all swimming pools which are designed to hold more than 24 inches of water. This includes soft-sided storable pools with the inflatable ring at the top. All pools requiring building permits must conform to the code’s pool barrier requirements and applicable electric code. 

Fences and signs require a permit. 

Replacing decking boards does not require a permit. Replacing deck joists or any other structural component requires a permit.

Replacing siding does not require a permit (unless it is structural siding which acts as the bracing for the building.)

Rebuilding the stairs on the front or back of your house requires a permit. Replacing stair treads does not require a permit. Any stairs with 4 or more risers also require a hand-rail. Platforms, porches, decks greater than 30″ above grade require a guard/railing. Openings cannot allow a 4″ sphere. 

No driveway shall be constructed, unless and until the owner has received approval in writing from the applicable state or local municipal authority for the entrance location to the subject premises. If your new driveway is on a town road, contact the Town Superintendent of Highways for a driveway permit. All driveways within the Town of Austerlitz shall be maintained in such a way as not to cause any erosion or drainage to adjacent roads or property. The Town will hold individual property owner(s) financially responsible for any damage to Town roads relating from private drive runoff (i.e., washouts, debris, failure of proper ditch maintenance, drainage of surface water onto surface of driveway, etc.).