Town Clerk

The office of Town Clerk, in the historical tradition, serves as a direct link between the residents and their local government. Whether issuing licenses, performing duties mandated by law or serving as a major source of information, the Town Clerk is your doorway in the community. As prescribed by New York State Town Law, the Town Clerk is responsible for a variety of tasks ranging from Registrar of Vital Statistics, to Recording Secretary, to Records Management Officer to Licensing Officer. Realizing that local government is the branch most directly affecting people's lives, we are here to serve and assist you.

  • Registrar of Vital Statistics: The Town Clerk maintains a permanent record of all births and deaths which occur within the Town, as well as, all marriage licenses purchased here regardless of where the marriage occurred. Our records date back to 1881 when the Town first started to keep such records. Such records allow us to assist with genealogical research. Strict adherence to New York State law is applied when processing requests for vital records.  
  • Records Management Officer: The Town Clerk is the custodian of all town records. As such she provides for the storage, retrieval and disposition of all records created by any department within the Town. We maintain a record of all ordinances and local laws, Town Board resolutions, oaths of office, resignations, and proofs of publication and posting, annual budgets, assessment rolls and fiscal reports and vital statistics as described above. All F.O.I.L. (Freedom of Information) requests go through the Town Clerk. 
  • Recording Secretary: The Town Clerk creates and maintains a permanent record of all Town Board meetings and public hearings. Additionally, minutes for the Planning Board, and Zoning Board are maintained in our office.
  • Licensing Officer: The Town Clerk issues many New York State licenses and permits including marriage, dog, hunting and fishing, bingo, games of chance and handicap parking permits for people with disabilities.

In addition, you may

  • Purchase Columbia County garbage bags, solid waste cards or recycling stickers
  • Purchase E-ZPass
  • Have documents notarized
  • Obtain a voter registration form or an absentee ballot application

Staff Contacts

Town Clerk
(518) 392-3260 Ext. 300

816 Route 203
PO Box 238
Spencertown, NY 12165
United States

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