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Austerlitz Climate Committee Background

Formed by the Town Board on August 17, 2017, the Austerlitz Climate Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Town Board. Consisting of volunteers and Town Board members, the Climate Committee also supports the board in the implementation of its climate mitigation and adaptation goals. This means reducing the town's contribution to climate change, as well as preparing for the effects of climate change locally.

        The Two Main Objectives of the Climate Committee:
  • First, to identify ways in which town operations might reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The goal of the committee is to identify emission reduction opportunities and ways in which these actions could be funded.
  • Second, to identify ways in which town residents, businesses and agriculture might reduce their greenhouse emissions. Any recommendations from this objective would be advisory only. The committee is not chartered with mandating any action to the town or its residents. In addition, no changes to our zoning laws are expected from these efforts.
  • Passed the 1st Climate Action Plan for Government Operations in Columbia County in June 2023!!!
  • Completed a NYSERDA clean heating and cooling campaign earning the town $5,000 in grant funds
  • Completed a energy study of the town highway garage earning the town $10,000 in grant funds
  • Built the Austerlitz Town hall with new all-electric air source heat pumps and installed LED bulbs in all interior light fixtures, installed LEDs in highway street lights
  • Installed solar panels on Town garage in 2020
  • Installed electric car charging station in Town Hall parking lot.
  • Planted 25 seedlings along the stream in the Austerlitz town park (behind Austerlitz Fire House) with DEC’s Buffer in a Bag program.
  • Became a certified NYSERDA Clean Energy Community (CEC) (2019)
  • Completed a municipal buildings energy benchmarking analysis, updated annually! 
  • Made compost bins available to residents
  • Launched a solarize Austerlitz campaign
  • Partnered with New Lebanon, and Chatham in several Repair Cafes to offer residents the opportunity to fix items in their household which would otherwise end up in a landfill
  • Public Event series "Second Sundays For Sustainability"
  • Leading in the Capital Region in the Clean Energy Communities program with over 3000 points!
Come to a meeting if you’d like to help address climate change right here at our Town Hall in Spencertown!  
The Third Wednesday of Each Month at 7PM.
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                 Austerlitz Climate Committee, Our Mission

We commit to protect and enhance our town’s resources - environmental and economic.  

We serve in an advisory capacity, making recommendations to the Town Board. 

We work to encourage, enact, and quantify local efforts to address climate change, its causes and the effects on our municipality. 

We seek to empower Austerlitz residents in the face of ecological stress.  

We invite meaningful action toward adaptation and prevention.

We offer support. Our goal is to assist the town in building a more resilient and livable future. 

                                 What We're Working On Now

Community Wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Action Plan

Sustainability elements for the town's comprehensive planning and natural resources inventory processes 

Grant writing to support implementation of the Town's Climate Action Plan for Government Operations

Climate Adaptation and Resilience Planning with Cornell Cooperative Extension

Electric Vehicle Community Campaign.



Climate Smart Communities logo
Climate Smart Community - Bronze Certified

The Town of Austerlitz is proud to announce we are now a bronze certified Climate Smart Community.  One of only three towns in Columbia County, we are proud to show if we can do it, any town can.