Climate Committee


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Formed by the Town Board on August 17, 2017, the Austerlitz Climate Committee serves in an advisory capacity, making recommendations to the Board. There are two main objectives of the Climate Committee:

  • First, to identify ways in which town operations might reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The goal of the committee is to identify emission reduction opportunities and ways in which these actions could be funded.
  • Second, to identify ways in which town residents, businesses and agriculture might reduce their greenhouse emissions. Any recommendations from this objective would be advisory only. The committee is not chartered with mandating any action to the town or its residents. In addition, no changes to our zoning laws are expected from these efforts.

The work of the Austerlitz Climate Committee and Climate Smart Task Force is good for the environment and your taxes!

Come to a meeting if you’d like to help address climate change right here in Austerlitz! Meetings: Every third Wednesday of the month at 7PM


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Climate Smart Community - Bronze Certified

The Town of Austerlitz is proud to announce we are now a bronze certified Climate Smart Community.  One of only three towns in Columbia County, we are proud to show if we can do it, any town can.