Draft 2024 Comprehensive Plan – Available for Review

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Please take a look at our draft 2024 Comprehensive Plan and let us know your thoughts.  The plan, two years in the making, is in parts.  Part 1 is the core of the plan, and arguably the most significant part, while the other parts are important background and other supporting information that helped us in crafting Part 1.  These 5 parts can be viewed in the Comprehensive Plan Document Library section immediately underneath the Introduction section or you can access it through the following link.  https://www.austerlitzny.com/comprehensive-plan-advisory-committee/page/comprehensive-plan-document-library

There is also an on-line app for using the Natural Resources Inventory.  This app can be used by anyone, including the Planning Board and anyone who wants to better understand their parcel.    The app can be found at:


All the parts comprise the draft 2024 Consolidated Plan.

We invite your feedback, which can be given a few different ways.  We will have a Public Hearing on Saturday May 18 starting at 10am, when you can give your feedback in person.  Or, if you prefer, email your comments to Greg at gvogler [at] austerlitzny.com.  The last day to provide your comments will be May 31.

Hardcopies of the plan are available at the Town Hall if you find that easier.

         Thank you, The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee