Spencertown Austerlitz Summer Camp

Silhouette figures attached to chain link fence


We are excited to welcome back children to the Spencertown - Austerliz Recreation Program in 2024

The director Debbie Oleynek, along with parents Amy Gregg and Jess Vanalstyne,  traced, painted and hung the children's silhouettes on the tennis court fence which showed the children jumping, playing basketball, doing yoga and doing cartwheels. 

Children and staff on the fence - Emma and Zach Gregg, Aurora Krzeminski, Brooke McComb, Brody Newton, Debbie Oleynek, Griffin Reardon Ren and Finn Sharpe, Lucy, Helen, and Alice Tassinari, Jess and Tanner Vanalstyne, J Wissemen, and Bella and Sabrina Wiseman

(Picture by Zach Nevens)